Jonathan ArcherEdit

"You don't need a squad, but it sure does help."

Dossier Edit

Name: Jonathan Archer

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Affiliation: UAFC / Terran Republic

Rank: Private

Class: Combat Medic

Specialization: Assault Specialist/Medic

Vehicle Specialization: Harasser

D.O.B.: 2845

Date of Enlistment: 2863

Weapon of Choice: TORC-9, AR

Sidearm: TX1 Repeater

Tool: Medical Applicator

Sevice recordEdit

UAF(Air Force) PFC Jonathan Archer

UAF(MP) Corporal Jonathan Archer

UAF(Army/MP) Sergeant Jonathan Archer

Ribbons and MedalsEdit


Medic Service Ribbons


Squad Command Ribbon


Basic Training Ribbon


MAX Training Ribbon


Harasser Pilot Ribbon

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