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The UAF JSOC Sergeant Major, or UAF JSOC SgtMaj, is the leader of the Infantry and second-in-command of United Armed Forces Joint Special Operations Command. The rank of the UAF JSOC SgtMaj is Sergeant Major, an enlisted rank (though he is not an officer, officers cannot command him, only the UAF JSOC Commandant). The SgtMaj must be a subscriber; since he is over the Infantry, and the Infantry does Operations, the SgtMaj must have a knowledge of Operations, so they have to be a subscriber. There is no current UAF JSOC Sergeant Major.


  • You must supervise the Infantry
    • You monitor the fireteams and platoons
    • You conduct training for members
      • This training includes and MMO tips and strategies you wish platoons and fireteams to have; this should be conducted monthly
    • You can assign soldiers to conduct Advanced Training, or do it yourself; this is training for a specific discipline in a class.
      • i.e. Combat Medic for Commandos
  • You can authorize transfers and promotions within the Infantry
  • You must help all and any members of the Infantry in any way you can
  • You can assign tasks to any members of the Infantry if needed


FL/PL → UAF JSOC Sergeant MajorEdit

UAF JSOC Sergeant Major → Command Squad OfficerEdit

Time ManagementEdit

Your free time and guild time are different. For the UAF JSOC Sergeant Major, you must first complete your responsibilities above. Once your responsibilities are completed, and any and all tasks assigned by the UAF JSOC Commandant are completed, you can spend your time however you wish. You can participate in guild events, and you can lead one too. You are the only non-PL and -FL person who can do that, since you are in charge of the Infantry.