"A new hope will emerge."

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Welcome to the official Arma page created by the members of the United Armed Forces (UAF) MilSim Clan!

Here you will some of the UAF personnel listed below go into combat. You will see how we adapt real life tactics into a game and watch how we conduct clan Operations to keep our purpose as a realistic milsim clan. If you wish to take part in these Operations or wish join the United Armed Forces please contact the listed personnel below or leave a comment in the comment section below!

!!!!!!! As of August 2, 2016 this unit has expanded its use of realism in this game, listed below are previous operations conducted by former CAG-G operators who have now since become Task Force Nightfall [TFN] the listed mods and picture are outdated. The new Task Force brings a variety of missions and strategies used to conduct operations from one of the most elite. As of August 13, 2016 the once disbanded unit known as 22nd UAF Gladiator Squad has been re-established by former CO, Vas and is building back up with the help of Lieutenant Hawk, former Gladiator XO and sniper for the unit. If you wish to know more information please contact Hawk, Lieutenant Hawk of the Gladiators or Captain Vas of the Gladiators !!!!!!!


You may also notice that in the Gallery we have some gear and weapons that Arma does not have out. This is because we are running mods on this game to keep modern day warfare alive in this futuristic game like many other milsim clans.

The following list are the mods most of us are running: (OUTDATED: Will be updated SOON!!!)

  1. Task Force Radio (Armaholic)
  2. ASCZ Missing Content (Steam Workshop)
  3. NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapon Pack (Armaholic)
  4. Community Based Addons "CBA" (Armaholic)
Those were taken during the previous operation that was conducted by the following:




Matt-"Ghost Warrior"

Cynthia-"Operative Hunter"

Tobia-"Toby" or "Teck"


Michael-"Vanhalen" or "Van"

Photo Gallery Edit

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107410 screenshots 2015-03-07 00004
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33930 screenshots 2015-01-16 00001
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