Since each person in the UAF has different names in different places, this page is a guide to help users recognize who everyone else is.

Wiki Name CWA Name SWTOR Name (Jedi Covenant) SWTOR Name (Ebon Hawk) Dossier Name
RC14184 Gladiator1 Vasco   Vascoferreira Vasco Gomes
Skywalker447 Derek1 Skywalker Derx   Derek Skywalker
Turbo497 EliteMarine Turbo119 Turboblast   Turbo Blast
Thegreatest m99 Thegreatest m99 Greatcoros   Lutrell Coros
MARSOC Hunter98 Bala hunter Cryranavyhunter   Cyra Hunter
MarineSniper130 FieldMarine Cold   Ghostcold Phantom Ghost
RC-1277 Slammer Slammer Cptslammer   Marshall Slammer


Czar Hawkins   Jekserso Jek Sergand "Hawk"
G-Marine123 Gian Portel Gian


Gian Portel
  Jay Landwalker Calamoni    
Devis Rainer Devis Rainer   Rangerrainer Devis Rainer


Luke Docker Marine-docker   Luke Docker

Teck Polarmelder

Gladiator4 Teck Tobyrayzor  

Toby Knightsville


Anchor R-dason  


Trinto Nitroseeker Rashs  

Trinto Nitroseeker

Jon Archer

Jonathan ArcherNX01    

Jonathan Archer

Arran Slarglide Slarglide    
Legoclones Legoclone Kyrimount LegoKyrimount Legokyro Legoclone Kyrimount
Marine Caliber EliteMarine Caliber141 Calober    

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